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True Artisan Desserts


BePop (Gelato Pop)*


Dipped in Dark Belgian Chocolate, Milk Belgian Chocolate,  or White Belgian Chocolate.


BeKoek (Gelato Sandwich)*


Plain or dipped in Dark Belgian Chocolate,Milk Belgian Chocolate, or White Belgian Chocolate.


Homemade Ice Cream


Our delicious homemade Belgian Yummies available in 2.5 gallon tubs. Ask us about creating your own custom flavor!  Because we make our ice cream in small batches, the freshness of our ice cream is 100% guaranteed. 

Homemade Gelato

European style sorbet also made with the finest ingredients. ​

Zusto Ice Cream


"World’s First Sugar Without Sugar Ice Cream."


This natural sugar substitute has four times less calories than sugar, without losing any flavour.


All big chefs that got to work with Zusto are over the moon: it has the same aroma, same mouth feel and the same crunch as sugar!

75% less calories

100% same taste! 

Michelin Star Chef’s Favorite! 

Locally made in Naples, FL.  




Made with Imported Belgian Pearl Sugar Ideal for Dessert or Breakfast.


No Preservatives Made with Unbleached Flour Prepackaged for Longer Shelf Life.


Belgian Chocolate Truffle


Handcrafted truffles made with the finest Belgian chocolate. 


Dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, praliner hazelnut, Grand Marnier, Biscoff and more!


Custom Frozen Desserts


Handcrafted individual or larger dessert cakes. Customize your ingredients.

Available as Semi Freddo’s or gelato with or without Biscuit on the bottom.

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